Changing the way learning takes place

Vision Statement

Aerudio's vision is to change the way learning takes place.

Mission Statement

The mission of Aerudio is to connect those with knowledge to those who need it, and in so doing, expand the benefits of that knowledge to the broadest possible population.


  • Integrity intellectual, functional
  • Equality opportunity, responsibility
  • Humanity strategy, outcomes
  • Excellence content, design
  • Creativity concept, execution

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The Aerudio team has far-ranging experience in all of its areas of key competency. We've built and executed education, medical and technical programs in the US, Europe, Asia and Africa. While travel and communication technology have made for a "smaller" world, it is still a formidable task to ensure that every corner of our world has access to much-needed learning.


"Changing the way learning takes place" is not just a phrase for us, it is what we believe needs to happen to improve our world. Rote learning has been replaced with interactive study and technology brings information to all corners of the globe. We offer answers to your questions about how complex concepts can be delivered to multiple levels of learners in disparate settings.


Our multi-national team embraces technology to keep our clients close, even if they live far away. We believe technology is not the end, but the means to a very successful end.

Collectively, our team has specified, built, deployed, tested and maintained web-based solutions for learning needs. Whether the challenge is widely disseminating clinical training or ensuring one-on-one learning connections in remote areas, we can support your technical needs.


The medical experience of the Aerudio team is diverse. Anchored in clinical science and practice, we also offer perspectives from the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries. It is our belief that the most effective medicine is that centered on the patient and ensuring educational support for all levels of patient care is imperative.